Legal Warranty 
On every article that we provide is the legal warranty applicable. This means that our article, at moment of delivery and with normal use, must be in good condition.

Service life
An article has to be used without any problems for at least a specific period of time. How long this period should be, depends on what it is. UNETO-VNI did research for the service life of al lot of different goods.

Product Status
The product is not good when it is damaged or broken.

During the warranty period
When a product does not stay in de expectable conditioning during the service life, we will try to find a fi ng solution with you. For example, by giving a new product of refunding your money. Is the problem your own fault? Than we can’t give you a refund or new article. Did you use the product normally but is it just worn out? Than we also can’t acknowledge the right on warranty.

Proof of warranty
At O3W the invoice is also the proof of warranty of the product. If you want to claim warranty, we will ask you for a copy of the invoice.

If you have a complaint about one of our products, then we will judge if this is rightful. If it is rightful, all costs (including shipment) within the period of warranty for account of O3W If the complaint is not rightful we will return the product to you and aren’t responsible for the costs of shipment.

Report your complaint
You can report your complaint at
For a prompt conclusion we ask you to send the picklist and product information.