introducing: o3w women

We are very proud to introduce our first ever women’s collection! Our collections have been created for modern warriors, men and women around the world who share the Samurai’s ideals.

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all things mean

We take our inspiration from the ancient world of the Samurai who held bravery, honour and personal loyalty above life itself. Their code, the Bushido, taught people the value of honesty, justice and clear judgement in distinguishing right from wrong.


The luxurious velcro badge, can be found in every collection. You can modify and personalize your Once We Were Warriors gear with this iconic badge. 

Our company is a small collective of individuals striving to build high quality products.

In true samurai spirit, Once We Were Warriors started with a man and his pulsating heart. A passionate streetwear designer based in Amsterdam, fantasizing about creating a story driven concept brand, far away from the fast fashion industry. Gear that can last a lifetime, gear one can update and personalize.

Free shipping

Free shipping on orders above 
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24/7 Customer Service

Do you have any questions about your order or clothing don’t hesitate to ask for our tailor made help.

Money Back Guarantee

If it doesn’t fit right or have any other issues with your order? We will always refund you.

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